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Human Resources and Payroll



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Central UW Forms



All requested compensation transactions for our departments, including payroll accounting adjustments (previously called salary transfers), costing allocations, base salary changes, one-time payments, and supplemental pay. Additionally, overpayment and underpayment requests can be submitted here.

Compensation/ Payroll

Requests to create, inactivate or change details to supervisory organizations.

Create/Change Supervisory Organization (Sup Org)

Hiring new academic personnel, contingent workers and students, creating job requisitions for staff hires, and creating new positions within CAS.

Hire/ Create New Position

AST's I-9 team ensures CAS employees comply with federal employment laws by verifying Form I-9 documents, maintaining an ongoing audit of worker I-9 documents, and reaching out to workers whose I-9 documents are missing. All workers are required to complete their Form I-9 within the first three business days of employment.

I-9 Services

Each academic quarter, AST payroll-supported departments will submit payroll roster reports to AST’s HR/Payroll team. These reports inform AST of any changes to current employees’ status, as well as anticipated hourly student and Academic Student Employees (ASE) hires and fellowships.

Payroll Rosters

AST works with units and Student Fiscal Services Office (SFS) to award scholarship payments to students who are enrolled at the University of Washington through the UW Student Data Base (SDB) system. 

Student Data Base (SDB)

Leave of absence approvals, absence entries, and timecard corrections.

Time and Leave

Updates to current employee positions and academic appointments including Full Time Equivalent (FTE) changes, reappointments, and other updates. Additionally, all terminations, including retirements, end of term appointments, and other separations from the UW.

Update/ End Employment

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