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How We Operate

The CAS Administrative Support Team (AST) provides transactional expertise to implement unit-level decisions through a delegation of authority, which is renewed annually. Its operating model therefore starts and ends with unit action:

  1. Units decide what they need. The responsibility for initiating transactions and submitting all required documentation rests at the unit level. Depending on the units’ accepted processes, a request can be initiated by unit staff members, chairs, faculty, or other employees.
  2. Units transmit requests to AST. Specific intake forms are available on our website for different transaction types. Upon submission, the forms route automatically to UW Connect, where they are assigned unique “ticket” numbers. Unit staff can track their tickets in My Requests.
  3. Requests are distributed to AST members based on transaction/request type.
  4. AST processes requests. Team members maintain frequent correspondence with participating units regarding the progress of transaction requests.
  5. Units run appropriate reports to reconcile budgets. While AST is a center of expertise in transactional policies and processes, all budget reconciliation rests in the units. Similarly, it is the unit’s responsibility to double-check that all financial or payroll data that AST has entered on their behalf has been done correctly.


Unit Responsibilities

  • Follow all AST submission and ticket-tracking guidelines
  • Provide complete, timely, and accurate information when submitting a new request
  • Regularly check AST-referenced resources and notifications for updated instructions, checklists, and policies

Last Updated: Thursday, August 31, 2023