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Online catalog purchasing will soon be available in Workday. Your department may find it easiest to order without AST. If you need assistance, AST can provide this service.


When an item is not available in catalog, purchases can be paid for by ProCard or via vendor contracts or invoices.


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Requesting a purchase? Ensure the following documents are ready:

  • FDM Worktags
  • Item(s) to be purchased
  • Supplier name
  • Quote (if applicable)

Updating a purchase? Complete Procurement's Purchase Order - Change or Close form


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The turnaround time for processing a purchase is 1-3 business days.

Workflow is currently under construction, keep an eye out for website updates via AST’s Newsletter.


General Purchasing

How do I receive an order?  

Its the job of Requisition Requesters within departmental units to receive orders. When you receive for an order, it is important to understand that you are not paying a specific invoice. Rather, you are approving an amount of money to be released for payment of invoices for that order. Receiving will be required for most order types. This is done by creating a receipt in Workday, follow our step by step guide. For more information on receiving for orders, relevant reports and training review System Receiving for Orders by Procurement Services.

How do I adjust an existing receipt?  

Follow the PRO-J-05 Workday Requisitions for Requisition job aid labeled: How to Create Receipt Adjustment (Attaching packing slip after a Receipt has been created), UW NetID login required. 

What should I do if I don’t receive something that AST ordered for me?  

Contact our team as soon as you discover the problem. 

What happens if I have to return something that AST ordered for me?  

The team will return it for you.  Please contact us. 

What should I do with packing slips?

You do not need to keep a local copy of a document (e.g. packing slips, receipts, invoices) you've uploaded (or attached) to Workday Finance. We strongly recommend disposing of the local copy after uploading (or attaching) it to Workday Finance. Keeping the local copy means your office has to produce it in the event of public disclosure proceedings, litigation (including reasonably anticipated litigation), investigation and audits. And it gives you one more place to search for records that can be found in Workday for the full retention period. Don't hesitate to reach out to Records Management Services with any questions regarding record management by contacting recmgt@uw.edu.

Note: Please avoid uploading any attachments that contain sensitive information (such as SSN), Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII).



I cannot find my Procurement Card Transactions in my Workday inbox? Or can I find a "saved for later" Procard verifications?  

If the verification process for a transaction has been started, but not completed, the transaction will go into Draft status. Transactions in draft status will no longer appear under Verify Procurement Card Transactions. Follow the steps by selecting Finding and Editing Draft Procurement Card Transactions in Workday in the 'How to Manage Procard in Workday' job aid.

How to create a Workday inbox filter for all non-Procard transactions AND ProCard transactions for specific people? 

Step by step instructions can be found in the ‘ProCard Approvals in Workday’ page. This page also includes answers to common ProCard questions, in addition to resources and helpful tips.

Still Need Help?

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Reach out and we will route your questions, comments, and/or ideas to the appropriate subject matter experts on our team and keep an eye out for website updates via AST's Newsletter.

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 19, 2024