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Who We Are

Our Team

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The CAS Administrative Support Team (formerly CAS Shared Services) launched in June 2011, the result of a grass-roots inquiry into ways to increase efficiency and reduce risk at a time when small departments' staffs were getting ever smaller.  Originally designed to complete HR, payroll, and procurement transactions on behalf of 13 Humanities departments, the team's portfolio experienced rapid growth in its first year and has continued to grow ever since.  AST now manages foreign national visa applications for all College units; HR and Payroll transactions on behalf of 27 departments, schools, and centers across all four divisions; and procurement transactions on behalf of 28 units College-wide.  We do so through delegation of authority, renewed annually.  Expectations and performance measures can be viewed on the AST website (see "FAQs" and "Performance Measures"), Feedback is also gathered through the website (see "User Feedback Survey).  AST has also been instrumental in the launch of new systems, most notably Workday HR/Payroll in June 2017, and is working closely with the University's Finance Transformation team in preparing College units for the launch of Workday Financials.  The goal: To be a prompt, innovative and reliable resource in the College of Arts and Sciences and a trusted partner among the University’s central offices.

How we define success

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Our team is:

  1. Trusted and reliable: Our member units know that we will work efficiently and carefully on their behalf.  We will find the best way to answer their needs in order to move their missions forward.
  2. Positive: We approach challenges as opportunities for evaluation and improvement.  We are forward-looking and committed to an ever-better level of customer service.
  3. Agile: We respond quickly and effectively to changes in policies and regulations, updated procedures, new technologies, new partnerships, changes in staffing, and any curve ball thrown our way.
  4. Creative and innovative: We are unafraid of change.  We thrive on feedback and new ideas.  We volunteer our expertise and enthusiasm to new campus initiatives and to testing new tools and procedures. 
  5. Committed:  to meeting the business needs of our customers (faculty, staff, students, and guests); to the educational, research, and outreach missions of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University of Washington; and to each other.

Our team members are:

  1. Competent: We are subject matter experts in our primary assignment areas’ policies and procedures (i.e., we can answer all but the most obscure questions).
  2. Competent: We are highly proficient in our secondary assignment areas’ policies and procedures (i.e., we can answer most questions—and know how/where/from whom to get answers to the rest).
  3. Competent: We are familiar with our member units’ respective missions, business needs, and personnel (i.e., we work to understand what they need and why).
  4. Competent: We work fluidly in all pertinent UW and AST technology systems.
  5. Competent: We actively pursue and renew knowledge through independent and group research and through participation in appropriate courses, webinars, and other training opportunities.
  6. Accurate: We are 95% accurate in processing/entering the data provided by member units.
  7. Accurate: We are alert to potential errors in the data provided by our member units and we work with the appropriate partners to prevent or address those errors.
  8. Timely: We meet the turn-around goals published on our AST website while maintaining 95% accuracy.
  9. Timely: We promptly escalate questions and challenges to appropriate team colleagues and/or managers.
  10. Engaged: We maintain strong partnerships with our member units and with the International Scholars office (ISO), Procurement Services, the Integrated Service Center (ISC), and with other UW central offices as appropriate.
  11. Engaged: We contribute regularly, actively, collaboratively, and supportively in all sub-team huddles, full-team huddles, workshops, and, when appropriate, administrator and other meetings.
  12. Engaged: We work together with our team members and member units to develop and implement continuous process improvement projects.

Our Work

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Check out our membership and services to see a full list of  CASSS member units, along with a detailed view of transaction types.  In addition, our Metrics page gives a monthly overview of volume and turn-around time by transaction type (queue) and department.   If you have any questions, feel free to call the team at 206-221-9266.