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How to Create a Supplier Receipt in Workday

This process is create receipt in Workday for desktop or local receiving. If you need to adjust an existing receipt go to the PRO-J-05 Workday Requisitions for Requisition job aid labeled: How to Create Receipt Adjustment (Attaching packing slip after a Receipt has been created), UW NetID login required. 

PO Type: Goods and Services with only goods lines will be auto received in Workday for selected catalog suppliers.

PO type: Goods and Services with both goods and services lines will not be auto received.

For Service Purchase Orders, if an unit prefers to review an invoice before creating receipt then you can run the report, Invoice Match Exceptions R1166., with the column header, Invoice Line Exceptions provides a list of supplier invoices processed without receipt created.   These invoices are in a match exception status pending receipt in Workday.  Once the receipt is created, these invoices will be approved. One thing to note, Workday will release these invoices based on the amount or quantity received.  

For Service Line,  if have multiple invoices but would like to hold one of the invoice then you must request Accounts Payable to hold or cancel the invoice before you create receipt. For example, you have  3 invoices in status, pending receipt in Workday, and you only want to process invoices 1 and 3 and not create receipt for the invoice #2, then you should request Accounts Payable to place invoice 2 on hold before creating the receipt for invoices 1 and 3.

The steps to create receipt in Workday is listed below:

Step 1: Type Create Receipt in the search bar and select the Create Receipt task from the search results 

Note: An alternate way to access the Create Receipt task is to search the PO directly, and then use related actions off to the PO. If you do this step, skip to Step 3. 

A screenshot in Workday, "create receipt" is in the search bar. A "Create Receipt" task and "Create Receipt Adjustment" task appear in the search results. A box labeled 1 is around the "Create Receipt" task.

Step 2: The Create Receipt dialogue box appears. In the Document Number field, select the purchase order (PO-number) you would like to receive. Only select the Fully Receive check box if you have received all the items. Click OK

A screenshot in Workday, within the Create Receipt task: a field box to input the Document Number(is boxed labeled 2a) and a check box to Fully Receive is blank, the OK button (is boxed labeled 2b).

Step 3: The Create Receipt screen appears. Most information is auto-populated. Make any necessary changes, including Quantity to Receive, or if it is a Service Line, enter the dollar amount. Add any required attachments, and click Submit

The receipt will then move to the approval stage and your actions are complete.

In Workday, within the Create Receipt task result page; the submit button is boxed labeled 3.

Last Updated: Monday, November 06, 2023