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Visa Procedures

H-1B Visa Processing Procedure

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  1. Unit submits an H-1B request via the Team (AST) web form.  
  2. Team requests documentation from the Unit (see list on ISO’s website).
  3. Team contacts the candidate for information and documentation (see list on ISO’s website).
  4. Once everyone has returned the materials, Team gives Steve Majeski the Deemed Export Compliance Attestation to sign. Steve returns form to Team.
  5. Team submits the H Visa Request form over the ISO’s website.
  6. ISO reviews and returns the request/conditional approval.
  7. Team forwards the conditional approval to the Unit administrator.
  8. The administrator reviews and submits conditional approval to the chair for signature.
  9. Once the conditional approval is returned to Team, Team passes it and the Actual Wage to pass to the divisional dean (Ivy) to sign.
  10. Team sends the entire packet with original signatures to ISO.
  11. ISO obtains AHR’s approval and prevailing wage approval.
  12. ISO forwards documents to USCIS.
  13. ISO sends the Labor Condition Application (LCA) to Team.
  14. Team sends the Labor Condition Application to the unit and notifies ISO when it has been posted at all work locations.
  15. Unit posts it at the worksite for 10 days.
  16. Team sends ISO an email confirmation of the posting at the worksite and mails signed hard copies of the LCA postings.
  17. Team sends a copy of the Labor Condition Application to the candidate and any information from ISO.
  18. USCIS sends ISO I-797 (Receipt Notice) with number so petition may be tracked.
  19. ISO sends Team I-797 Approval Notice.
  20. If the candidate is outside the US, Team sends (FedEx) I-797 Approval Notice to candidate and sends a copy to the unit.
  21. Candidate schedules an appointment at US embassy or consulate and applies for the H-1B visa.
  22. If the candidate is Canadian, no visa is issued. If not Canadian, a visa is issued.
  23. If the candidate is in the US, USCIS extends and amends the candidate’s stay, changing their visa status if candidate is here on another visa type.
  24. Team sends the unit an update once the candidate has received the visa and closes the ticket.

Rev. 2-2020

H-1B Visa Application Workflow.pdf

J-1 Scholar Visa Processing Procedure

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  1. Unit submits a visa request via the web request form. If available, unit attaches invitation letter as part of submission. If invitation letter is not included at time of submission, AST contacts unit. 
  2. Team sends the Visitor an information-intake form to gather Visitor’s information for 1025-J.
  3. Team also requests other necessary documentation (proof of sufficient funding; proof of English proficiency, etc.) from Visitor.
  4. Using the information on the invitation letter and the Visitor’s intake form, Team completes the online 1025-J form.

    PLEASE NOTE: On the 1025-J, Team is the “Administrator” contact, while the unit is listed as the budget contact. ISO and Academic HR contact Team with questions regarding the visa application.  Likewise, ISO and Academic HR contact the unit with questions regarding finances/budget.
  5. Team emails 1025-J to unit.
  6. Unit administrator prints form and obtains Chair’s/Director's signature.
  7. Unit calls/emails Team when the form is signed and ready for pick up.
  8. Team picks up signed copy from unit.
  9. Team obtains Dean's signature.
  10. Team submits packet to ISO.
  11. ISO contacts Team when the DS-2019 is ready for pick up (usually takes 1-3 weeks).
  12. Team sends DS-2019 and ISO instructions to the visitor via FedEx next day service.
  13. Team closes ticket.

Rev. 2-2020

J-1 Scholar application Workflow.pdf