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Purchasing Procedures

General Purchasing Procedure

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  • Department submits purchase request via the "Purchase Items" intake form.
  • Based on the information provided, the CAS Team (AST) begins purchasing process using e-Procurement or other methods as appropriate. Best practice note: The Team will strive to complete all orders in accordance with Procurement Services best practices, meaning that products will be purchased through existing UW contract catalogues when available and competitively priced.
  • Once the purchase is made, Shared Services will record the Ariba order number or other order information (e.g., Amazon order confirmation, etc.) in the "reference" field of the RT ticket.  When available, Shared Services will also scan and attach order confirmations/receipts to the RT ticket. (Amazon receipts can also be accessed by looking up the Amazon order confirmation number on-line.) Once these updates have been completed, our Team will resolve the purchase request ticket.
  • The department is responsible for receipt of all goods and for retaining packing slips. Best practice note: Departments should record the RT and Ariba numbers on the packing slips, as well as the date received.  Departments may scan and upload packing slips to the RT ticket in order to create a complete purchase record, or they may file the packing slips and retain in the department office in accordance with records retention rules. Further receipt confirmations (to PI, Administrator, etc.) are determined by internal department needs and policy.  It is the CAS Team's (AST's) responsibility to order products in accordance with unit requests and University policies; the Team does not take responsibility for confirming receipt of orders or for retaining packing slips or shipping confirmations.
  • Department reconciles charges in MyFD using information posted in RT, Procurement Desktop Reports, and/or Ariba, as appropriate.

Procard Procedure

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  • When using the Procard to make a purchase on behalf of member departments, a Team member will retain the invoices/e-receipts in RT.  Our Team will not retain paper copies of receipts/order confirmations.
  • Shared Services will use the RT ticket and invoice/order confirmation to reconcile the charges in PaymentNet. Once reconciled, the Team will add the Procard transaction ID number in the RT notes.  (RT note: Adding notes will re-open the RT ticket.  Once notes have been added, the Team member will return the ticket to "resolved" status.)
  • Separation of duties in reconciling Procard transactions is afforded by FS staff members, with back-up from Manager. The purchasing staff member will check her/his purchases as cardholder in PaymentNet; a second staff member or the Manager will then act as reviewer in PaymentNet. The Manager will review purchases at the end of the month and print out the “UW Transaction Detail with Notes and Account Codes” report for staff signature.  These signed reports will be filed in Shared Services for the prescribed retention period. Purchases by the Manager will be reviewed by Debbie Olson in the A&S Dean’s Office.  The transaction detail report for these purchases will be retained in Dean’s Office files. 
  • As noted above, the department will retain the packing slip for orders.
  • The department will use the Procurement Desktop Reports' transaction report for BAR reconciliation.

eProcurement Procedures

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  • When using eProcurement (Ariba) to make a purchase on behalf of member departments, a Team member will add the RT ticket number in the "Comments" section of the Ariba requisition.
  • Likewise, a Team member will add the Ariba requisiton number to the "Reference" field within the RT ticket.  In this way, both the original purchase request and the actual order will be cross-referenced for efficient reconciliation and audit. 
  • The department will refer to the ARIBA record and, where necessary, RT for BAR reconciliation.