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How we work with units

The CAS Administrative Support Team provides the transactional expertise to implement unit-level decisions. Its operating model therefore starts and ends with unit action:

First Step

Units decide what they need. The responsibility for initiating transactions rests at the unit-level. Depending on units’ accepted processes, a request can be initiated by unit staff members, PIs, chairs, faculty, or other employees.

Second Step

Units transmit requests to the Administrative Support Team. Specific intake forms are available on our website for different transaction-types. Upon submission, the forms route automatically to UW Connect, where they are assigned unique “ticket” numbers.

Third Step

Requests are distributed to Administrative Support Team members. Three strategies are currently employed for distributing requests/tickets.

  • Unit portfolio specialization: Team members are responsible for maintaining in-depth familiarity with payroll requirements (personnel, hiring procedures, budgets) in specific units.
  • Transaction portfolio specialization: Team members are assigned particular transaction types requiring specialized policy background, such as Procurement Services or Payroll.
  • General distribution: Although we assign specializations, each Team member is trained in all of our transaction types in order to ensure coverage during sick leaves, vacations, or in peak volume months (September for Payroll; March and June for Procurement).

Fourth Step

The Team processes requests. Team members maintain frequent correspondence with participating units regarding the progress of transaction requests. Requests are generally maintained in “active” status until charges are entered into Ariba or employees are entered into Workday. Once a record has been created in the appropriate system (Ariba, Workday) or visa documentation has been mailed, the Team closes (“resolves”) the ticket.  To re-open a ticket, a unit need only "reply" within the UWConnect ticket or send an email with the ticket number in the subject line. 

Final Step

Units run Workday and Ariba reports to reconcile budgets. While AST is a center of expertise in transactional policies and processes, the team is not responsible for budget management. All budget reconciliation rests in the units. Similarly, it is the unit’s responsibility to double-check that all information has been entered into Workday correctly by reviewing Earnings and Actuals and other targetted reports.